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Shaylyn is an experienced editor and business marketing expert. She has worked several jobs and has a bachelor’s degree in writing and business marketing. Most papers are essentially a process of marketing, making her degree useful in this specific area. She has experience editing novels for publication as well as an internship doing business writing for an environmental organization combatting plastic pollution. Shaylyn will support you from the first draft to the final publication.

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A Break Down of How Quality Ink Can Help You

We edit theses, dissertations, and papers for deadlines and publication. The basic process starts with someone emailing their paper and due date to us through the company Facebook page or website. We need the paper at least ten school days before the due date for a paper, and at least a month before the due date for a thesis or dissertation. The longer the thesis or dissertation becomes, the more weeks beforehand are appreciated.

From there, we read through the entire essay and make a document full of editing notes and suggestions. We then email the notes and suggestions back to the writer and let them revise. Obviously, we cannot write a paper for a person, but we will try to make our suggestions as detailed as we can, including page number and what group of sentences we am working on. This is why we asked for ten school days before the due date instead of five, for example, for the paper. We would only need five school days maximum to edit, but the student then needs time to revise to our suggestions.

We do not believe in 24-hour turnarounds. We know they are convenient, but we just don’t believe they could possibly provide the level of editing service needed to make a real quality essay. We want to take the time with each person’s paper and make it a cut above the rest in terms of quality. We can also do this service virtually for any student in the country who wants to email us their paper.

We will also point out any spelling and grammatical errors that come up while we are reading.

We also edit books for publication. We would need a book at least two months before it might be sent to a publisher. The same applies to books as applies to papers. We read, make notes and suggestions for editing, and send it back to the customer to revise. This continues until it is mutually felt we are satisfied with a project.

For books, we offer developmental (to form the story), copyediting (spelling and grammar), and proofreading (reading it over for suggestions).


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